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Googlychat Rules

Chat rules are simple and easy to follow, if you go through these rules you might figure out that these rules are basic and need to be implemented in all chat, so it will be easy to follow. Our rules are implemented to keep the peace and harmony in the chat stable. Every single user should follow our chat rules and our mods/admins will ensure that no one abuses the rules.

Do not share your personal information in chat.

Do not share any kind of web links which is not related to

Do not share any kind of adult links, images, or videos.

Do not share vulgar text.

Respect each and every user in the room. Don’t be rude with chatters.

Illegal advertising is not allowed in main or private chat. If you want to get traffic to your new website, go spend some money for advertising. Don’t try to steal our users by using cheap tricks.

Any kind of Abuse and trolling are totally not allowed.